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We provide our clients with respondents from a highly diverse database. Our respondents consist of white collar professionals, those who have investable assets over a million dollars, frequent international business travelers, ladies who lunch, lawyers (from general attorneys to corporate councilors), small business owners, plus an array of the general population, diverse in ethnic backgrounds. We also recruit people with creative professions, such as screenplay writers, food stylists, muralists, influencers, etc.


One of our biggest strengths is recruiting respondents who have luxury items, including watches, premium skincare and makeup, fragrance, and designer wear.

No project is too difficult. Our staff consists of seasoned professionals who can provide clients exactly what they are looking for. No algorithm is too complex for them.

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(914) 723-2299

Nancy Sohn and Associates is a boutique recruiting facility. We specialize in identifying highly articulate individuals for various market research projects. We provide our clients with an “outside of the box” approach through consumers’ inputs.


We recruit participants for a wide variety of research projects, such as In-Home focus groups, third party focus groups, one-on-one in depth interviews, consumer panels, business panels, central location studies, mock juries, ethnography, Skype-interviews and shop-a-longs. We do online projects, where we are on top of the respondents to complete all assignments in a timely manner and help them navigate some of their “technical difficulties.”

We are committed to providing the highest quality respondents and we pride ourselves on excellent show rates. Our mission is to provide quality research on time and within budgets. Our outstanding staff is dedicated to fulfilling all your requirements with complete understanding and care.

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